For your Child

I’ve got a new baby and I want to welcome him/her and give thanks for the child and officially introduce him/her to family and friends. What options do I have?

Baptism? Christening? Naming Ceremony? Dedication? Thanksgiving?

It is our experience that there are many reasons for seeking baptism, and it is our belief that most of these reasons are valid. Birth is usually associated with great joy; it is an encounter with the mystery of life. Baptism can express a need to make meaning of this new life experience as an experience of God.

We want to make this experience a happy occasion for you and your families, but at the same time it is our responsibility to respect the serious nature of your choice.

The first step is to make an appointment for the Vicar to visit with you to discuss the meaning of baptism, and arrange a suitable date and time for the baptism. Normally the baptism service takes place on a Sunday.

For Yourself

You may have never been baptized as a child but you feel that you want to explore the possibility of being baptized as an adult but you want to find out exactly what it means.

You were baptized as a child but you want to find out more about what Baptism actually means.

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact the office.



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